The story of the Adria brand is that of a shared passion , of a common desire to create solutions for women looking for modest and elegant swimwear. This adventure began with Ines and Sarah, two cousins ​​driven by the same vision .

Ines and Sarah, both 23, yearned for freedom and independence in their careers. Ines, a former nursing school student, had an innate talent for drawing, while Sarah, a law graduate, excelled in communication and project management. As veiled Muslim women, they faced the challenge of finding swimwear that combined modesty , comfort and aesthetics .

Driven by their own experience, they joined forces to give birth to the Adria brand. Their objective was clear: to design mastour burkinis that would meet women's expectations in terms of comfort , style and respect for their values . They wanted to create a true "wave of elegance" in the field of modest fashion , by offering options that would meet the needs of women. By working tirelessly, Ines and Sarah brought their vision to life. With the support and commitment of their brother, Ali, who joined the team to contribute to the development of the project, Adria has become a brand where authenticity and innovation come together harmoniously .

Adria is much more than a swimwear brand . It is a movement carrying a positive message of integration and tolerance . Our ambition is to redefine the standards of modest fashion by offering mastour burkinis that combine elegance, comfort and style. Our slogan, "A new wave of elegance" , perfectly reflects our mission to revolutionize the world of fashion while respecting the values ​​that are dear to us.